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Good places to eat on the I-70 in Utah

Just for the record ...

If you are travelling on the I-70 in Utah there are two eating places I know of that are worth a stop.

One is the Subway in Richfield, Utah (Subway Sandwiches, 1325 N Main, Richfield UT 84701, (435) 896-8627). Yes, Subway is a chain with thousands of locations, and there are hundreds (at least) along the Interstates. Not sure what the difference is, but the Subway in Richfield is very, very good. The owners deserve credit. The Subway is right next to a gas station, near the Interstate, which is a logical stopping point before the long stretch east to Green River.

Another is the Tamarisk restuarant on Green River, Utah (the map is centered on the restuarant - the Google placemark is way off). Nothing fancy - just a nice place with decent fare, reasonable prices, and right on the Green River. Most definitely a good place to stop.