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Cache Valley Cheese

If you happen to be driving down Interstate 15 a ways north of Cedar City, Utah - you might see the sign for Cache Valley Cheese. On the last trip curiosity won and I pulled off in Beaver, Utah to - I hoped - snag some really good cheese. (Heck, they advertise on the highway - they must be good.)

Let me save you the bother. Keep driving....

Bought locally branded cheddar, jack, and mozzarella cheeses. The mozzarella tasted like jack (not a very good jack at that). The jack tasted like ... the cheapest jack you could buy at the supermarket. The cheddar was passable - OK to melt on hamburgers (for your less liked/discerning guests), but not something you want to serve on it's own. All had fairly high moisture content, and were ... rather sticky (like Velveeta).

Generic industrial cheese with no character - not what I hoped to find.