If you happen to be driving down Interstate 15 a ways north of Cedar City, Utah - you might see the sign for Cache Valley Cheese. On the last trip curiosity won and I pulled off in Beaver, Utah to - I hoped - snag some really good cheese. (Heck, they advertise on the highway - they must be good.)

Let me save you the bother. Keep driving….

Bought locally branded cheddar, jack, and mozzarella cheeses. The mozzarella tasted like jack (not a very good jack at that). The jack tasted like … the cheapest jack you could buy at the supermarket. The cheddar was passable - OK to melt on hamburgers (for your less liked/discerning guests), but not something you want to serve on it’s own. All had fairly high moisture content, and were … rather sticky (like Velveeta).

Generic industrial cheese with no character - not what I hoped to find.