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A pleasant surprise

Last week I had an intermittent problem with my Internet connection. Rather more trouble than usual, in that the internet connection would degrade, become unusable, and then start working again - with no discernible pattern. Cox (the cable company) sent out a guy, who re-did all the coax cable connectors, and then replaced the cable modem. The next day the connection failed again - and this time the entire neighborhood was out. Cox sent a guy out to work on the big box at the end of the street. He was there for hours. Afterword the connection worked ... until the next day. Again Cox sent out a guy to work on the box at the end of the street, who again was there for hours. Seems the last visit solved the problem.

This was pretty much the worst problem I have had with Cox Cable. I did end up calling the Cox Support phone number several times. My initial guess (based on the symptoms) - that the problem was outside my house - was right. Kind'a wish they could take better advantage of a well-educated guess. On the other hand, intermittent problems can be hard to track down, and my opinion of the service from Cox Cable is still very high.

Along the way - a bit of a pleasant surprise. When the Cox tech finished working at my house, as a check he wanted to run a speed test, so I visited the Speakeasy - Speed Test and got surprisingly fast results:

Last Result: Download Speed: 31134 kbps (3891.8 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 489 kbps (61.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

Since my Cox service is (officially?) 7mbps download, and 512kbps upload, the above is not bad at all. I have seen a couple large downloads peak at a bit over a megabyte/second (off sun.com), so .... not bad at all.