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A bit of pre-historic (for the Internet) history

Years ago the local STOR (in Tustin) was replaced by Ikea. I had not looked before for the backstory.

From 1988: IKEA suit forces STOR to shelve catalog; home furnishings retailer claims copyright infringement

IKEA--with stores in 19 countries including two sites in the U.S.--contends that STOR replicated IKEAs' furniture, furniture names, signs, testing machines, price tags, department names, color schemes, checkout areas, shopping carts, general store layout and design, and catalogs, and that this replication constitutes unfair competition and copyright infringement.

Um, yes, that would explain why the later Ikea store was so much like STOR.

From 1992: Observers hail Stor-Ikea merger - Stor Furnishings International Inc.; Ikea Svenska AB

Ikea's announcement last week that it plans to buy City of Industry-based Stor Furnishings International Inc. was lauded by industry sources as a logical culmination of competition between the two furniture retailers and as the best deal for Stor shareholders.

Wonder if the STOR folk made money as copycats. Wonder if Ikea found a ready-made market at former STOR locations.

In any case, pretty cool that bnet.com is placing online stories that pre-date common use of the Internet.