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Why some schools do better than others

Subject: Room 9 News Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 12:22:34 -0700 From: "xxxx, xxxx (Foothill Ranch Elementary School)" Lxxxx@svusd.org To: jxxxx@gmail.com, nxxxx@aol.com, txxxx@aol.com, gxxxx@cox.net, pxxxx@bannister.us, fxxxx@cox.net, mxxxx@cox.net, txxxx@yahoo.com, kxxxx@cebridge.net, bxxxx@cox.net, jxxxx@yahoo.com, hxxxx@cox.net, gxxxx@yahoo.com, pxxxx@mbzdirect.com, jxxxx@gmail.com, exxxx@pacbell.net, bxxxx@hotmail.com, kxxxx@cox.net, dxxxx@mac.com, mxxxx@wittkieffer.com, dxxxx@cox.net, pxxxx@cox.net, mxxxx@yahoo.com, rxxxx@cox.net, dxxxx@yahoo.com, jxxxx@cox.net, dxxxx@cox.net, "Lee, Jim (Foothill Ranch Elementary School)" Jxxxx@svusd.org, jxxxx@noevirusa.com, sxxxx@cox.net, sxxxx@pb.com, rxxxx@yahoo.com, kxxxx@accessmicrocorp.com, exxxx@cox.net, gxxxx@cox.net, hxxxx@cox.net, dxxxx@shadycanyongolfclub.com, sxxxx@hotmail.com, "Txxxx, xxxx (Foothill Ranch Elementary School)" Cxxxx@svusd.org, jxxxx@hotmail.com, mxxxx@sbcglobal.net, sxxxx@cox.net, kxxxx@cox.net, jxxxx@cox.net, axxxx@yahoo.com, bxxxx@rootmarketing.com, mxxxx@cox.net, mxxxx@cbre.com, txxxx@cox.net, gxxxx@cox.net, txxxx@advantevh.com

Dear Parents,

Many of you volunteered to come along on the field trip with us this Friday. Unfortunately, we are only able to bring one parents with us! I just did a blind drawing so that the selection would be fair. Axxxx Hxxxx is the lucky winner, who gets to spend some quality time with 200 eleven year olds!

Thank you all for offering your time,

Ms. Pxxxx

Yes, the teacher is sending updates to 48 parent email addresses - for the 32 kids in her class.

As one parent observed, in her old neighbourhood the teacher would be lucky to get just one volunteer - and kids generally did not do as well.