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What to make of this?

Read this article a couple days back. A man was sentenced to "144 years and eight months in prison for beating and torturing his then-wife over a four-day period". The crime occurred "at their Foothill Ranch home on April 14, 2005" - my area, and generally otherwise relatively peaceful.

A couple years ago I heard some disturbing sounds - I generally have most of the windows open - went out back to listen. Perhaps it was no more than a TV through an open window (though I do not remember hearing a neighbor's TV). Perhaps the sound was something else entirely. Since I had no idea as to where the sounds came and heard nothing further - there was nothing I could do. Could it be that this crime had occurred not just in the same area, but not far from my backyard?

Went poking around for any earlier or more specific report and found .... nothing. Do crimes like this happen routinely, without leaving any imprint visible from the internet? Should they?