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Trillion Dollar Man

For those who are a little foggy about our current President-Bush and his spending habits.

Cato-at-liberty » Trillion Dollar Man The recent budget update from the Bush administration shows that federal spending will be $2.918 trillion in fiscal 2008. That means that spending increases under Bush will break the $1 trillion mark when the new fiscal year begins in October. Spending was $1.863 trillion when he came to office in fiscal 2001.

Bush’s last budget year will be fiscal 2009, at which time he is projecting to spend $3.016 trillion. Thus in eight short years, with relatively low inflation, this president and spendthrift congresses will have blasted through both the $2 trillion spending mark and the the $3 trillion mark.

Yes, in two terms (one turn at the office), President Bush as the primary Republican of the 2000's has increased the size of federal government spending by a solid TRILLION dollars. Cannot blame Democrats for this profligate spending, as the Republican Congress was in charge long before Bush took office, and during most of most of the reign of President Bush (Jr.).

Just to make the point clear - from the nation's founding (call it 1776), it took 224 years to almost get to 2 trillion dollars in the federal budget. Bush Junior added a cool trillion dollars in only eight short years!

The lesson to take away from this? Do not look to either the political parties - Republican or Democratic - for fiscal responsibility. Look instead at your local representative (whatever his or her party), and ask if this person is going to do a good, responsible job. Certainly the Republicans - as a party - have proven in recent years that they cannot be trusted any more than the Democrats - as a party.