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Safari on Windows!

Generally I test web applications on Firefox (Windows, Linux) and IE (Windows). On (rare) occasion, I have tested on Opera, but ... it is hard to care about Opera. My one regret is that up until now I have not been able to test with Safari. Personally, I would like to know the things I create will work on the Macintosh, but this is not a priority in my work-time (hence acquiring a Macintosh is hard to justify).

Yesterday I saw the announcement for the Safari 3 Public Beta, and there is a Windows version! Very cool. Grabbed the Windows version and ran a few examples through Safari, and ... some did not work, and I cannot easily tell why. Poked around the Apple developer site a bit, but lacking something like Firebug, I probably will not take the time needed to puzzle out what is going wrong.

Kind of funny, as before Firebug I had code for in-page Javascript logging (for both IE and Firefox) that was essential when testing Javascript code. Given Firebug (and the lite version for IE), is equal or (much!) better, it made sense to chuck what I had written. Now, faced with a similar need in Safari, I just do not want to spend the time.

Hopefully the developer tools for Safari on Windows will eventually appear, and I can take another crack later.

Update: A note has appeared on Enabling the debug menu on Safari for Windows. Enough of a hint to find why the parameters example did not work (that and <html debug="true"> does something useful with Firebug Lite). Fixed.