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Product activation - Corel just lost a customer

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Activation problem

Discussion Thread

Response (Angelo) - 09/11/2007 11:08 PM Dear Preston,

Thank you for contacting Corel Support Services. We have reviewed your e-mail and determined that we can most effectively address your inquiry if you contact us via telephone. A full listing of contact numbers for Corel Customer Support Services can be found at:



Angelo Corel Customer Support Services http://www.corel.com [snip]

Customer (Preston Bannister) - 09/11/2007 02:49 PM Fired up my copy of Paint Shop Pro today. Got a "Thank you for purchasing ..." message. Did re-install XP a while back. Did create an alternate user profile more recently. Perhaps I'd not used the application since the re-install.

Clicked on the "Activate now" link and got the message: "Sorry the serial number you are using has already been submitted the maximum number of times for activation"

Right. So now I'm running in "trial" mode.

If this is going to be an ongoing problem, I am going to feel uncomfortable upgrading PPS in future. No point in buying a product if someday I find it no longer installs properly. [snip]

Lots of words above, but no help. Just wasted about a half hour waiting on the phone with Corel, after probably another half hour trying to get support via email (above). If this happened to me once, odds are it will happen again. I asked - newer versions of the product have the same activation scheme. Not real keen about buying an upgrade anymore.

My 11-year-old daughter has become rather proficient at using GIMP. Have used it a bit myself, though I am less than impressed with the UI. Given that GIMP is portable, guess I will be spending more time puzzling out the UI....