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Power failure

Late last night, we had a power failure. All the UPS units chirped (which makes the dog a nervous shadow), until I went around and shut them all off. Left the laptop running on the chance that power would come back before the battery ran out.

This morning the laptop was off. During startup Windows popped up the same dialog twice, telling me I needed to recharge the battery - this while running on AC power. Dumb. The desktop and applications restored. The "Web Publishing Wizard" was sitting on the final page - "To close this wizard click Finish", and there is no "Finish" button. Dumb.

Years ago I used to try to report things like this to Microsoft. Since a) they wanted money to accept bug reports, b) there was no reason to expect anyone would look at the report, and c) it would be years before a fix would appear - if ever - I gave up on reporting bugs to Microsoft.