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On Selling Music

ongoing · On Selling Music Finally, I remain astonished that the subscription model hasn’t caught on; it seems like awfully low-hanging fruit. There are any number of artists I’d subscribe to for ten or twenty bucks a year in exchange for an irregular flow of new material; live cuts, studio work, collaborations, whatsoever, along with discounts and front-of-the-line access to their regular output. Which is ten or twenty bucks a year more than they’re getting out of me now. The technology wouldn’t be hard to set up, either.

I agree - a subscription model makes a lot of sense to me, for the artists I like that are still producing work. The money for the artist might be a smaller than regular sales, but also might serve as an indication of future sales, and provide encouragement for the artist. May not make a difference to mass-market music, but for the smaller folk ... ?