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O.C. sheriff is denied use of law enforcement data

Amusing is an odd way...

untitledO.C. sheriff is denied use of law enforcement data - Los Angeles Times

A law enforcement network that gathers intelligence on organized crime has cut off the Orange County Sheriff's Department because of the sheriff's association with various businessmen, including a Las Vegas strip club owner with reputed mob ties now serving time for racketeering.

Sheriff Michael S. Carona minimized the effect of the suspension, saying it would have zero influence on his department's police work and that he had never heard of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit until the chairman contacted him last year about the potential suspension.

Carona also downplayed his relationship with topless-bar owner Rick Rizzolo, whom the Intelligence Unit identified as one of several individuals who associate with the sheriff and "have pled guilty to or are suspected of involvement in criminal activity … including traditional organized crime activity."

How should we read the part about "zero influence on his department's police work"? Does that mean the information from the "Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit" have no value, or does this mean Carona has no interest in using their information?

The intelligence network, a 51-year-old professional association that collects and shares intelligence on organized crime, terrorism and gambling, notified its membership of the decision in an internal memo issued in June. The group comprises about 250 police agencies in four countries.

Might this organization know more about Carona than was made public? Could it be that Carona is a lot dirtier than we might otherwise know?