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Netbeans love-hate

Have to love Matisse - the GUI composer in Netbeans - and there are many other interesting features, but I find too many sequences like the following when using Netbeans:

click, drag or type ... !@#$%?? (go back) click ... ?!? ... (hold mouse still over object) press mouse button down (wait) release button ... (now it worked, continue)

So my desktop box is "only" an Athlon XP 3400 (no X2, no x64), and there is "only" 2GB memory ... but still. Mouse tracking, hit detection, event queuing - should not be that difficult. Having in a past life written GUI code on the original sub-5Mhz PC, there is just no way I can excuse Netbeans for not keeping up on a box that is thousands of times faster.

Love Matisse ... but starting to hate Netbeans.