Have to love Matisse - the GUI composer in Netbeans - and there are many other interesting features, but I find too many sequences like the following when using Netbeans:

click, drag or type … !@#$%?? (go back) click … ?!? … (hold mouse still over object) press mouse button down (wait) release button … (now it worked, continue)

So my desktop box is “only” an Athlon XP 3400 (no X2, no x64), and there is “only” 2GB memory … but still. Mouse tracking, hit detection, event queuing - should not be that difficult. Having in a past life written GUI code on the original sub-5Mhz PC, there is just no way I can excuse Netbeans for not keeping up on a box that is thousands of times faster.

Love Matisse … but starting to hate Netbeans.