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Must be upgrade time...

For rather a while I have not felt especially motivated to update my computers. Even my old Athlon 2200+ laptop is adequate for almost everything I do. With Eclipse, VMware, Tomcat, and Firefox running - I tend to want more memory rather than more CPU.

Until today. Wanted to record a video of a short demo. Set a Windows 2000 VM under VMware to 1152x864, and used VMware Workstation's "Capture Movie" to record the demo. Copied the AVI file to my laptop, fired up Window XP's Movie Editor and ... boy oh boy could I use a lot more CPU!

Still mucking around trying to figure out how to convert the video (encoded with the VMware VNC-derived codec) into more easily distributable form (at full resolution, without requiring the viewer to add the VMware codec. Each experiment takes ........ a long time with the CPU running flat out.