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How not to introduce your project

The nuXle.us Project The nuXleus Project has the specific intent to become a User-Centric/Specific Application and XML messaging virtualization-based appliance in which a primary, user-specific/centric host machine can use as a secured proxy for all web-based communications. During the early development and testing phase we will be releasing ISO-9660 images, VMWare Player images, and .img files which can be run via the QEMU emulator project. Once we have figured out how to build the creation of a Virtual Server 2005 Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd) file into the build process we will then add this to the list of images released by this project.

After reading the above introductory paragraph, I instantly had no idea what the project was about, though I could run it under VMware.

Could it be that I have sent similarly opaque texts in the past? Hope not, but...