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From my daughter's last soccer game


My daughter was goalie for the first half of the game. This shot was coming in high, fast and centered on the goal - too high catch or block, but low enough to go in. Looked like a certain goal.

Last season the grandfather of one of the girls on the team was a professional(?) soccer coach for goalies. He said nice things about my daughter, and taught some bits to her and another girl during practice. One of the bits he told her was to punch the ball upward when it was too high to block.

So she punched the ball - and it worked!! I think this is the first and only time she has used this bit in a game. Frankly I am pretty impressed (and proud) that she remembered and used this move at the exact right time!

This play got a big reaction from the parents on both sides.

I was at the other end of the field when this occurred. I thought the ball had gone in. My daughter thought the ball had gone in. Then there was this rising confusion of sound from the parents on both sides of the field (ooh's ending in cheers). My daughter looked confused, then looked around to see the ball behind the goal. (She went from a confused look to a big grin.)

From the last game of the season. The team that won this game would go on to the playoffs. My daughter was goalie the first half. The other team scored only two goals - in the second half - goals that my daughter could probably have stopped.

Bet the other team's parent were really glad she was not goalie in the second half.

OK - enough of the proud father nonsense. :)

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