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Eating my words

Guy from work asked if I needed new equipment. Doing all my work on my personal gear, and upgraded stuff as needed. Told him I was fine - really did not need an upgrade.

Since then I found my time going into heavy refactoring of code inherited from a departed developer. Refactoring as the original code is not remotely close to my personal standards. Find I am reading up on Swing (been a while - things have changed). Of course there is time pressure (lots). Running through lots of code, ripping out and refactoring as I go, and the !@#$% computer CANNOT KEEP UP!

Serves me right, I suppose.

As a side note - the "Visual Editor" in Eclipse 3.3 is gone (so far), and in Eclipse 3.2 is quirky and slow (at least in my usage). The equivalent in NetBeans - "Matisse" - is excellent! On the other hand NetBeans sucks at refactoring (slow/quirky), at least compared to Eclipse. Been switching between NetBeans 6.0b1, 6.0b2, and 5.5.1 (you don't want to know), then back to 6.0b1.

NetBeans gets noticeably better with each new release, but is still full of quirks (too often you have to slow down and "explain" things at a rate NetBeans can absorb). Eclipse is much better generally, but lacks a decent GUI builder (critical to iterating - the only way to build a decent GUI). Means I have both installed and switch as needed. Not helping the time spent on the learning curve, guys.

Dammit - need to upgrade my hardware, again.