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ACM is sooo twenty years ago ...

From: acmhelp@hq.acm.org To: preston@bannister.us Subject: An Invitation to Join ACM

Dear Preston Lee Bannister,

Thank you for registering with the ACM Digital Library, ACM's vast collection of more than 40 publications and archives, representing over 1.4 million pages of text.

Since that 1.4 million pages is in a ghetto, when searching I would end up launching two searches, one via Google over the general web, and the second within ACM's little universe. That assumes the ACM has a decent search engine. Sounds like a pain.

Now that you've had a chance to experience this valuable resource, we'd like to introduce you to some of the additional benefits available to ACM members, including:

Signing up gave access to nothing, so I have not "experienced" anything.

- Free, unlimited online access to 450 courses and 395 books in the ACM Professional Development Centre

I do buy a fair number of books, but none have said "ACM" anywhere.

- Full year subscriptions to "Communications of the ACM," "MemberNet," "TechNews" and "CareerNews" - Full access to the Guide to Computing Literature and the ACM Career Centre and Job Board

This is better than similar resources on the web, how?

- A free email forwarding address

This would be better than preston@bannister.us in what way?

- A special first year introductory rate and a free gift for professionals

(Feel a bit funny about this, as I was a member for about 10 years, ending about 15 years ago.)

- Special discounted member rates and a free gift for students - And much more!

Learn more about ACM membership, and join today at:


(You may need to cut and paste the entire link above into your browser. If the URL wraps, be sure to copy it completely, leaving no blank spaces.)

ACM's mission is to advance both the discipline and profession of computing. For more than 50 years, ACM has been widely recognized as the premier organization for computing professionals, and today, ACM helps over 80,000 professional and student members worldwide gain access to the information they need and want.

Twenty years ago ACM membership fit the description above, and was indeed valuable. Now ... not so much. Kind of sad, really.

Join now to take advantage of this very special offer!


ACM Member Services acmhelp@acm.org http://www.acm.org

P.S. All ACM members must subscribe to the purposes of ACM. You can access the ACM Code of Ethics at: http://www.acm.org/serving. ACM will never sell or rent your email address.

Client No.: 1923043 Email on record: preston@bannister.us

Probably not ....