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Wiretapper's secrets?

Great irony here...

Wired News: Crashing the Wiretapper's Ball "It's ironic that spooks so often remind us that we've got nothing to fear from their activities if we've got nothing nasty to hide, while they themselves are rarely comfortable without multiple layers of secrecy, anonymity and plausible deniability."

I believe secrecy in government, when allowed, should only be limited and temporary. Everything done by government should be a matter of record, and eventually public. This might be a confirmation of sorts.

"The best conversation I had was with Robert van Bosbeek of the Dutch National Police. I asked him if he was tempted to buy anything.

"Not really," he said with a laugh. "But it's always good to see what's on offer. Basically, we're three or four years ahead of all this."

He said that in the Netherlands, communications intercept capabilities are advanced and well established, and yet, in practice, less problematic than in many other countries. "Our legal system is more transparent," he said, "so we can do what we need to do without controversy. Transparency makes law enforcement easier, not more difficult.""