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The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet

First we have the Washington Post proving that the product of "professional journalists" can be very badly wrong. So much for "professional fact-checking and editing support".

The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet Companies like Google and Yahoo pay some fees to connect to their servers to the Internet, but AT&T will collect little if any additional revenue when Yahoo starts offering new features that take up lots of bandwidth on the Internet. When Yahoo's millions of customers download huge blocks of video or play complex video games, AT&T ends up carrying that increased digital traffic without additional financial compensation.

Um ... I am pretty sure the companies providing network bandwidth to the Internet are already fully compensated. Cannot claim that I know the details of contracts between Google (and the like) and their network providors, but from what I have heard, they pay for every bit of data they send out. So AT&T is exactly compensated for each increase in traffic. I have never heard of a network company carrying bandwidth for free.

To the network providors, a bit is a bit is a bit. They cannot distinguish between bits from iTunes downloads or bits from some obscure weblog. That is - they cannot distinguish without adding the equivalent of speedbumps and choke points to the Internet. In other words - they have to spend money to slow traffic down!

ongoing · WaPo Still Screwing Up So this “journalism” thing... it’s a profession where you can just make random shit up and print it whether it’s right or wrong, and ignore feedback, and you just don’t do those “retraction” or “update” or “apology” things?