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Terrorist threat (not) from a 14-year-old girl

Wired News: SS Nabs Teen for Online Vent Federal authorities had found the page and placed Wilson on their checklist. They finally reached her this week in her molecular biology class. The 14-year-old freshman was taken out of class Wednesday and questioned for about 15 minutes by two Secret Service agents. The incident has upset her parents, who said the agents should have included them when they questioned their daughter. ..... They also said the agents should have more quickly figured out they weren't dealing with a real danger. Ultimately, the agents told the teen they would delete her investigation file.

Assistant Principal Paul Belluomini said the agents gave him the impression the girl's mother knew they were planning to question her daughter at school. There is no legal requirement that parents be notified.

Oh yes, this is a fine example of how good government should behave in a free society (not). Got to suppress the terrorist threat from teenage girls. Without this sort of constructive expenditure of government resources, we could have - who knows how many? - presidential assassinations.

This should scare a lot of teenagers into not wanting to question our government. Make them into good little conformists. Next time you are at your local high school, check out the posters and notices. How many are about obediance? Are we educating informed and active citizens, or scared serfs? What do you think?