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Say what?

Doubtless I have been guilty of just such an obscurity...

Jon Udell: Say what? "By syndicating metadata, I'm inviting others to more richly contextualize their aggregations of our stuff."

Sounds like something you might say after a reading of Vogon poetry. Come to think of it, I am not really sure what the heck the above phrase is supposed to mean. Of course, I can pretend with the best...

A long time ago I ran across a notion, something like - "Anything you understand well you can explain to a child." - or the converse - "If you cannot clearly explain an idea to a child, you probably do not fully understand the subject yourself." Kind of a sanity check on your level of understanding. :)

I am sure that the notion Jon is trying to express would be a lot clearer - to everyone (including Jon) - if expressed more simply.