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Paul Cornish

A personal bookmark of sorts.

Spent a lot of time cycling during college. At one point a group from OCW (Orange County Wheelmen) was doing regular Wednesday evening training rides (during the summer, so it was still light). The group naturally tended to sort out by ability level, and I ended up mostly riding with a guy ... whose name I had long forgotten. About the only things I remembered was that he was a very strong sprinter, raced, and claimed to hold the record for a solo ride across the country (somewhat of an odd combination).

Wandering around the web, ran across a reference in Ultracycling: UMCA Solo Transcontinental Cycling Records.

Transcontinental Solo Senior Man 17 Mar 73 - Paul Cornish, Tustin, CA SM - NY (presumably Santa Monica to New York) 13:05:20 / 09.38 (Time (dd:hh:mm) / Average Speed)

When we tried sprints - he would be almost instantly dozens of yards ahead. Shortly after he would burn out and be unable to maintain speed, and I'd catch him. Even burned out he could muster enough to tuck in behind me as I passed. Drafting he could maintain the same speed - so I couldn't lose him. Somewhere between amusing and frustrating, that was ... :)

Have no idea what happened to the guy.