Ran across a puff-piece in Wired News covering new cell phones. Gosh, they really sound wonderful. Wired News: Mobile Phones Worth Gabbing About

Why are the published cell phone reviews so uncritical - and essentially untrustworthy?

Every cell phone I have owned up to and including my current Motorola Razr is a design disaster. I had higher hopes for the Razr - a (then) brand-new design from a company with a long history as a manufacturer of mobile phones. Instead I got arguably the worst-designed phone so far of all those I have owned. This not-so-wonderful phone offers:

  • A battery that dies unpredictably and cannot be counted on to last an entire day (when almost unused).
  • A screen unreadable in daylight.
  • Buttons too small for an adult male’s fingers.
  • A camera billed as 1 megapixel that in quality is only passable at 640x480.
  • Obscure icons that have to be deciphered with the phone’s manual.
  • A truly painful user interface when doing anything with photos.
  • Buttons on the outside edge so that you will trigger at least one when picking up the phone, with no obvious way of telling which button was pressed, or how your phone was affected.
  • A USB port for charging and data transfer - which would have been very cool except that it complains if connected to any other than a Motorola “approved” charger, and is completely unrecognized by your computer without additional (somewhat overpriced) software.

I could go on - and have with prior phones.

We really very badly need someone doing good critical reviews of cell phones.