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Is T-Mobile "To Go" ripping off customers?

Got my son a pre-paid T-Mobile "To Go" phone. For the first several months he did a good job, and only burned through about 200 minutes a month.

Lately it seemed like his minutes were dropping a bit fast, so we started paying closer attention. Odd since I have not noticed a change in his usage. Seems that in a week his minutes dropped by over 120 minutes with only 20 calls showing in the phone's log. Since my son generally seems to make fairly short calls, the ~6 minutes average per call sounds wrong. Poked around on the T-Mobile site, and there seems no way to tell how the minutes are used. Surely they have the data, why is it not accessible online?

Seems like on the last two days, the minutes dropped by ~30 each day. Seems rather high ... but there is no way to check how the minutes were consumed. Sent an inquiry into T-Mobile. No response, as yet.

Update: No response to email at all after three weeks. This stinks. Called their customer number after watching his account drop by ~500 minutes in two weeks(!). Guess what? They cannot (or perhaps more likely will not) let you see a list of charges against your "To Go" phone. Right. So if there are bogus charges appearing on your account, you have no way of knowing.

Has my son really started burning ~33 minutes on his phone every single day? If so, I have not seen it.

At this point I simply do not trust the T-Mobile company or "To Go" service. After the minutes run out, we will look for another provider (not T-Mobile!).