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Impressed with Ubuntu Upgrade

I have Ubuntu running on two machines - one with 4GB memory on which I run VMware-hosted versions of Windows (for testing), and one with 2GB used as an alternate desktop. Ubuntu offered the nicest initial-installation experience for Linux (so far). Both were setup about a year ago with Ubuntu 5.

One rough spot with Linux installations has been major upgrades. Seems in the past I always ended up doing an installation from scratch. When Ubuntu 6 came out, I was expecting the same.

So once I saw the annoucement for Ubuntu 6, hit the Ubuntu site, and bounced over to the download page. Read a note about upgrades needing a different path, and bounced over to the page with instructions.

DapperUpgrades - Ubuntu Wiki Upgrading with the Update Manager application This is the simplest way for most users, ...

Fired up the "Update Manager", and sure enough - it offered to install Ubuntu 6! Once started it ground away for something like an hour. After the Update Manager finished and a reboot - I had Ubuntu 6. This qualifies as the smoothest major upgrade ever - Linux or Windows!

I am impressed. Everything seems to work...

The fact that you can upgrade Ubuntu via the "Update Manager" deserves to be on the front page, not buried four levels down! Even if you are installing Ubuntu for the first time, it is important to know that your next major upgrade can be done online.

After upgrading the second box VMware seems to have stopped working. This was not a surprise as VMware has hooks into the kernel. Doubtless I can get this working again, but I do not need it just now.