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Impact of the web on a tailor

The tailor-made clothing business is getting squeezed out of Savile Row in London. One tailor who keeps a very decent weblog has seen a pretty good bump in his business. Seems he is primed to take full advantage.

english cut: bespoke savile row tailors: coming together... Thankfully, because of modern communication and transport we can work anywhere. OK, the logistics mean that a suit which would usually be made in three months on the Row, may now take three months and three days, but no big deal. You won’t be lining landlords' pockets, and tailors will be able to sleep at night, without worrying about the big, bad landlord and his neverending price hikes. ... So you will have gathered by now that I’m hatching a cunning plan. My aim is to have the very best available skills in tailoring based here at, or near Warwick Hall, working together in an environment conducive to creating beautiful clothes, without anyone having to worry about the rent and the cost of living. These people are all trained on the Row, are at a prime age, and amongst the very best in their profession. We have the potential to build a really vibrant tailoring community here in Cumbria, as good as anything on the Row, that will not only turn out some of the best tailoring in the world, but also ensure the craft's long-term survival and the happines of the people working in it.

I hope to have all these people, including most importantly, the new apprentices, all under one roof. Digs for a less-simple
tailor. The roof will be a converted 18th Century stable block here on the Warwick Estate. A beautiful Georgian loft, with views across the countryside. I'm am in the process of arranging the rebuilding of the stable block as we speak.

God willing, here we will be able to really secure the future of this craft, without being crucified by West End London rents ...

Sounds like future 007 movies will have to be written with Bond getting his suits from Warwick.