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Google "Ads" hit a home run?

In GMail pulled up the message "[xmlc] XMLC 2.2.8 is out", and happened to glance over at the ads placed by Google:

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I am not sure how this happened but the "ads" returned are all quite interesting. The first two might be paid ads, but the third?

Personally I have found the in many cases the quality of Google Ads is not very high. By quality I mean the ads presented are a bit too often not interesting, or completely irrelevant. Because (subjectively) the quality of the ads have slipped, I have tended to pay less attention.

Now this case might just be an accident, but if the Google folks started slipping in a occasional non-paid but highly relevant item into the "ads" presented - this could keep up the interest of end-user folk.

The algorithms for doing this would sure be interesting :).