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Election day - lots on the ballot

This time around I have two precincts at my polling places, a bit more than 2000 voters, a long ballot, and (fortunately) a full complement of poll workers (4 besides myself). Much busier this morning than the last few elections. Number of folk voting here was 151 between 7am and 11:18am (the polls close at 8pm). Looks like a stronger voter turnout that recent elections.

Update: A long, busy, very tiring day. Pretty good turnout - 520-odd voters came out of 2000-odd voters in my area, plus a fair pile of absentee ballots turned in at the polling place. Seems about an equal number voted absentee. Busy from about 3pm to closing time (8pm). We did get a line outside, but at the worst I think the wait was under an hour.

Seems like I got pretty much what I asked for from the RoV. After the last election I told them we could handle more voters given a full complement of poll workers and a couple more machines - and that it what I got. With this long ballot the bottleneck was the voting machines - we could have used a couple more.