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Deflecting the blame

untitledA contract against America What congressional Democrats won’t tell you about their plan for America. BY JOHN CAMPBELL

Picked up the latest OC Metro, scanned the latest local political column, and found the replacement Republican congressman playing "shift the blame".

" One factor contributing to the Republican successes of 1994 was the “Contract with America” under which most Republican congressional candidates signed on to a pledge of 10 things they would do if given the majority in Congress. "

Did those 1994 Republicans come remotely close to what they promised?

" I like to call this list of proposals that are out of step with the American public the Contract Against America: "

(If you are not sure to which political party this should apply ... join the club.)

1. Increase spending:

In case you did not notice, the Republican Party has a President and a majority in both sides of Congress. What they have done with that overwhelming control is spend money so fast they made the Democrats look like rank amateurs. Incredibly disappointing if you thought the "Contract the America" meant something.

2. Increase taxes:

Unless you believe money grows on trees, the money spent today has to be collected as taxes - sooner or later. If you collect taxes today to cover the money you spend, you're done. If you spend money now and collect taxes later, you have to pay interest (and more interest the longer you wait). The recent firehose of Republican spending means we are going to pay taxes big time in the future - with added interest.

3. Amnesty and open borders:

OK, I am confused. Was it President Bush who had an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants?

4. Cut and run:

As opposed to using Iraq as a giant pork barrel and leaving a mess for the next generation. Inspiring choice that.

5. An energy policy of “no”:

Whereas Bush is promoting either Hydrogen (literally a waste of energy, not a source) or more drilling for oil (only a very small fraction of what we need). Neither is even remotely a viable long term strategy, or even a short term strategy. Wait - which one is supposed to better??

6. “Hillary Care” socialized medicine:

The Republican solution, at least so far, is to do nothing useful whatsoever. When healthcare costs increase at a rate that far exceeds the rate of inflation - for what, three or fours decades? - you might think we should try and do ... something. When businesses all across the nation stagger under the ever-increasing costs of healthcare plans for their workers - you might think the critters in Congress would see there is a problem the private sector cannot address on it's own. Instead the Republicans have spent the past several years pretending the problem does not exist.

7. Impeach the president:

Wait ... wasn't that what the Republicans wasted a lot of time and money trying to do to Clinton? Lets see ... Clinton got a blowjob in the White House. Bush blew away about a trillion or two taxpayer dollars (plus a several thousand soldiers), and tried to turn the United States into a police state. Which one should be impeached?

8. More unfunded and unfundable pensions and benefits:

When you spend a lot more (a huge, gigantic, astronomical amount more) than you collect in taxes, a lot of things are going to be "unfundable" in the future.

9. Bankrupt Social Security and Medicare:

See numbers 1, 2, and 8 above.

10. More for trial lawyers:

Hmmm ... you know what? I cannot call this one. Given recent history and the fact the Republican politicians are pretty much all lawyers, I won't be placing any bets.

While the Democrats are by in large fairly uninspiring, the Republicans in control gave us a huge train wreck. So the clear choice is ... not at all clear. What is very clear is that the current power block in the Republican party is not serving Republican voters or doing good for the country as a whole.