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Lady of the house: chills Those last few days plenty of temperature records have been broken in Iceland, its been very cold for the time of year. Temperatures dropped down to -30C at Lake Myvatn last night and here they have been at around -15C for a few days. An aging electrical heating system can not keep up with those kind of temperatures and I have started to think that I will be in the need of surgery once it starts getting warmer again, those jumpers will most likely have to be removed by amputation. Here are a few things worth having in mind for those who would like to make their home a bit more cozy during a big freeze.

Interesting perhaps more because I have only lived here is southern California, and am thinking of leaving someday. Cold winter nights here can get down near 40°F (not often) with days mostly in the 50's or 60's. The above is rather different.