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Bush in Vietnam

Heard on NPR this morning that Bush was giving a speech in Vietnam. Considering what the war in Iraq just cost the Republican Party in the just-past election, this struck me as somewhat amusing. For the full measure:

Bush finally makes it to The Nam " Back in the mid-1960s, George W. Bush had an invitation from Uncle Sam to join the U.S. military and, like his father at a similar age, be sent to fight a war. He could have led an infantry platoon in The Nam. He declined, instead going to Yale, pledging Skull & Bones, and going to Harvard Business School. He eventually joined the Texas Air National Guard, protecting Galveston from an invasion by the Viet Cong.

If he had gone through infantry combat, he might have been not so foolish as to send American ground troops to conquer and occupy Iraq."

In the speech Bush said something like "If we don't quit, we win." Typical political nonsense - bound to be true for some definition of "win" and "quit".