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Avocados - Proof of Atlantis

Avocados are a curious fruit. Aside from tasting good and being good for you, avocados have some odd properties.

The odd bit about history is that what we know thins out remarkably past a few thousand years. Most of the artifacts of civilization do not last very long (when figuring in thousands of years). Given how only a few thousand years erases almost all traces - of a civilization 10,000 or 100,000 years old there may be no surviving trace. Evidence of far older civilizations - say an intelligent offshoot of dinosaurs 100,000,000 years back - may be impossible to find.

Buildings crumble, metal rusts, even surface traces eventually get erased by the wear and churning of the Earth's crust - but plants reproduce and spread from location to location. If there were a truly ancient civilization it is possible that the only remaining trace would be plants that they bred to produce food. How would you spot such a plant? Look for behavior that makes sense when used to produce food for humans, but not otherwise.

Avocados seem to be just such a plant.

OK, so I do not really think that this proves anything about ancient civilizations (let alone Atlantis). On the other hand, we cannot quite rule out the possibility. Fun to think about. :)