Bush Urges Congress to Extend Tax Cuts, Slow Spending Growth President George W. Bush urged the U.S. Congress to slow the growth of spending on entitlement programs and suggested that Democrats who oppose extending tax cuts risk undermining the economy.

When you first read the headline it almost sounds like Bush is trying to be economically conservative. When you read the headline … the most ambitious goal Bush can think of is:

  • not stopping the growth of the yearly budget deficit
  • not reducing the deficit
  • not a balanced budget
  • absolutely not a budget surplus!

The most ambitious goal Bush can come up is to run a bigger deficit than last year. Wow, I’m impressed.

In my book, economically conservative does not mean getting more and more into debt every year. An economic conservative would look to:

  • first - balance the budget
  • second - reduce spending to generate a surplus
  • third - pay off the debt
  • and last - cut taxes when we have little or no debt

What words would you use to describe someone who ran up huge debts or your credit cards, debts that you were obligated to pay off? Is “conservative” one of those words?

I am an engineer and my father is an engineer. In the world of engineering, a good “conservative” engineer strives to design things to be a little more robust than absolutely necessary, and tries to control costs (without compromising the design) as much as possible. In the world of investing, a good “conservative” investor looks for good solid investments with limited risk. When it comes to the natural beauties and wonders of our world, a “conservationist” looks to preserve, protect and enhance the world around us.

Keeping a “tax cut” as a priority when Congress in unable (or unwilling) to control spending is not good conservative behavior. It would seem more accurate to say that the President, Congress - and by extension the Republican party - are dominated by grifters.