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zarathustra Zarathustra never imagined praising a God who is a bribe taker. The one, who is bribed by worship and then he rewards his worshiper with a part of paradise. The Almighty God is not a dealer, he is neither a buyer nor a seller, and does not need also to be flattered by his creatures.

Worth reflection - what does it mean (if anything) when a civilization's main deity accepts bribes?

“Iranians do not use harsh words and to them lying is considered the worst sin. Next to lying is borrowing money. Because, when a person is debtor, sometimes he is compelled to tell lie.”

Not a bad notion.

Why Zarathustra’s Philosophy was gradually Forgotten?

The answer to this question is quite clear. Zarathustra was against bartering for gaining power through the name of God. He was also against the inhumane sacrificing of animals, which was a lucrative source of income for religious leaders. Moreover, since Zarathustra’s philosophy frequently indicates that three principles of good reflection, good words, and good deed; lead to human exaltation, therefore, there remains no need for religious leaders to assume the role of mediating between God and people like other religions.

In other words, this particular religion made a poor franchise.