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What to wear to a costume party?

This is another instance of Politically Correct gone amok.

Prince Harry Draws Criticism for Nazi Costume

Last I checked, a costume party is a place where dressing up as various sorts of monsters is considered amusing and acceptable. When you dress up as an axe murderer, usually folks understand that you are not expressing your approval of that sort of behavior.

So a political figure (Prince Henry) wears a Nazi uniform to a costume party, and a whole set of people start foaming at the mouth. Get a clue folks, it was a costume party, and not meant as an opportunity for a serious and meaningful political statement. Do they really think he was expressing approval of any sort?

This story started in the tabloids. That tabloids would get trashy is not a surprise. That the mainstream press would act in the same way is disappointing. Guess this proves the difference between the tabloids and the mainstream press is not all that significant.

Then there is the Jewish guy in the audio segment who says the Holocaust is "greatest evil that ever occurred". There were mass killings in Cambodia, Africa, and Yugoslavia (just to name more recent events). Were these deaths less "evil"? Should we ask the surviving family members?