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What happened to Yahoo!?

What happened to Yahoo? They started out with all these interesting features ... then apparently bogged down.

Yahoo Mail is probably the bright spot in all this. After a couple years buried in spam and unusable, the filters in Yahoo Mail seem to be finally reducing the incoming spam down to a tolerable level. The challenge from Google's GMail prompted Yahoo to raise the mailbox limits.

Yahoo Photos represents another fast start that went no where.

Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Calendar and Yahoo Messenger together have a large possible impact - as yet unrealized. If Mail could capture any sort of meeting/event messages (including those sent from Microsoft Exchange), the events could be funnelled into Calendar. An always-running Messenger can present events ... but the interface between the two is clunky and has been stuck in that state for a few years (the Calendar web pages displayed within Messenger are not designed to fit in a small view).

Since Yahoo seems to be suffering from a lack of progress and imagination, perhaps they could open up and allow web services access to Mail and Calendar, and plugins to Messenger?

I could hope :).