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Use the web (Microsoft Windows Media)

Downloaded an AVI file (off a Sun site in Germany), attempted to play in Microsoft Windows Media Player, and got at error that linked to the following web page.

Microsoft Windows Media - Web Help You've encountered error message C00D11CD while using Windows Media Player...

Now it has been a fair time since the first release of Media Player, and I am certain users have seen this error many times. I am also certain that the application has more specific and meaningful information than "error message C00D11CD". This is the perfect use for a web application. Even if the codec (or whatever) required by the data file did not exist at the time the desktop application was built, the web application can be continuously updated. The end result delivered to the end user would be specific instructions rather than meaningless error codes. Better yet the desktop application could offer to download the needed bits.

The end result to the end user should be software that "just works". Hexidecimal error codes are not a valid substitute.