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Kafka anti-bureaucracy website

Kafka goes online to help Belgium reduce red tape

The Belgian federal, regional, and community authorities have launched on 10/12/2003 a joint initiative called 'Kafka' to fight red tape and bureaucratic complexity across all levels of government. Until the end of March 2004, citizens are encouraged to communicate their views on complex forms, redundant processes and contradictory procedures through a new website Kafka.be or through a toll free telephone service.

The initiative, which aims at identifying problems and potential solutions for simplifying public administration, is the result of a joint effort by the federal government and the country's regional authorities and communities. Citizens' comments will be stored in a central database, then analysed and routed to the relevant authorities. A final report will be published on Kafka.be after the end of the consultation process.

This consultation exercise is consistent with the Belgian Government's goal of modernising the country's public administration through ICT. The strategic importance of this objective was reaffirmed in late November 2003 in a white paper presented to the Council of Ministers by the State Secretary for State Computerisation. The paper argues that better exchange of information between administrations, together with back-office and process re-engineering, are key for delivery of successful e-government services.

Kafka -- Wish Google had a "Belgium to English" translation :).