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Travel to Cuba by US Citizens

In some sense Cuba is a time-capsule. As long as Castro is in charge Cuba will not change (much). After Castro dies, likely Cuba will change quite a lot.

It would be interesting to see Cuba before Castro dies. It would be interesting to see one of the last "Communist" countries, quite close to the United States, and apparently a nice place to visit.

As an American citizen, apparently this is not possible, or at least not "allowed" -- unless you are a government official, working actor, or sports player. (A funny grouping - all "frivolous" occupations?)

Somehow I doubt that Americans visiting Cuba are terribly important. Scratch that - we know from the old Soviets that it was visits to and from the "West" that made clear how poorly their system was performing. The foundation for the revolution-from-within that ended the Soviet empire owed much to these visits. Americans visiting Cuba can only emphasize the differences, and more than likely build a similar foundation.

Travel to Cuba by US Citizens At the end of 2003, OFAC had just 4 full-time employees dedicated to investigating Ousama Bin Ladin's and Sadam Hussien's wealth, while nearly two dozen were working on the terrorism of Cuban embargo violation.

Sounds like money and politics again -- servicing the whims of Cuban-American voters is more important that addressing real threats.