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Time to leave?

My parents moved to southern California in the early 1960's as a part of the aerospace boom. At the time most of our neighbors were from ... everywhere. Up until recently very few Californians were actually from California. In a sense we lived on an edge. Orange County was outside of Los Angeles, our neighborhood was surrounded by orange groves, and it was a bit of a drive to the nearest store. By the 1970's the orange groves were mostly gone, replaced by a sea of suburbia.

I understand there are many places in the world where folks generally are born, grow up, and die in pretty much the same place. What does it say about the character of a population when most are adventurous enough to move from elsewhere?

Later I went to college in the south part of the county - then still largely rural. When I bought this house further south, the road out was through dark, undeveloped land, and the hills behind were largely empty (much of which is dedicated "wilderness"). Seems as though I was trying to stay on the "edge" in some sense.

Stayed put for more than ten years as my kids have grown, and in the time between the "rural" has all but vanished. The once dark and lonely canyons just the other side of the hills are turning into an always-lit drive past very expensive homes. The sea of suburbia is very much all around.