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SCO Raises New Funding

Linux Pipeline | SCO Raises New Funding -- And Experts Raise Questions "The investment of $10 million in SCO is curious," said John Ferrell, a practicing attorney and partner at Carr & Ferrell. "With the trial in the IBM litigation not scheduled until June of 2007, it is entirely possible that every cent of that investment could end up being paid out in lawyers fees and expert opinions."

Ferrell added that the company's investors could have ulterior motives. "If you were even the slightest bit cynical, you might conclude that this investment in SCO is an attack on Linux and not a bet on SCO's future business success," he stated.

"As to the identity of the investor, the SEC filings indicate that this sale was made in accordance with an exemption to the normal registration and disclosure rules," Ferrell continued. "Any short, short list speculating possible investors, would naturally include those OS companies that might find Linux a threat to their business."

That short-short list would be Microsoft and, er, Microsoft. OK - so $10M is nothing of moment to Microsoft, and I can see them slopping a bit of money to SCO even on a very long shot.

Still the whole SCO soap opera is so very, very lame. You'd think that by now BillG and friends would have stopped wasting brain-cycles on the SCO turkey, and found a more constructive outlet for their energy.