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Scary Cyclotron?

This item is so goofy, it is positively sublime.

Wired News: The Cyclotron Comes to the 'Hood Local lawmakers rushed to introduce emergency legislation banning the use of cyclotrons in home businesses. State health officials took similar steps, and have suspended Swank's permit to operate cyclotrons on his property. [...] "We in Alaska embrace technology, and we love it -- but we would like to see this in a hospital or industrial area, where it belongs," Tesche said. "We don't need cyclotrons operating out of back alleys, or in someone's garage."

In a letter to the city assembly, the South Addition Community Council compared potential damage from a cyclotron mishap to the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor accident.

"Cyclotrons are not nuclear reactors," explains Roger Dixon of the Fermi National Accelerator laboratory or Fermilab in Illinois, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. "Probably the worst thing that could happen with small cyclotrons is that the operator might electrocute themselves."

On the scale of risk, I would put a small cyclotron at somewhat more dangerous than a television, and less dangerous than a lawn mower. I wonder if they are also out-lawing lawn mowers??

Guess in Alaska "embrace technology" means they are both clueless and afraid of things they do not understand.