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Satellite images and security


Note that Google Maps shows the view of the White House with the roof of the White House and two flanking buildings are blanked out. Similarly the view of Congress and nearby buildings is also obscured.

The cartoon is a joke, but the silliness as a security measure is real. Doubtless this notion looked good in a memo, but makes no sense in the real world. Pretending we're the "bad guys", let's hit this point by point.

Now let's pretend we are the "good guys".

Between the two, there is no added security in obscuring satellite images.

At the top of my list while still playing the "good guys" is concern that so much of the government is located within the radius of destruction of a single small nuclear bomb. My first priority would be to get as much as possible of the government distributed away from one single location. Why is this single overwhelmingly obvious concern ignored?