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Roomba (robot vacuum) died AGAIN

Well, I guess that settles it - my third replacement Roomba just died. We are headed into the Xmas shopping season, and unless the Roomba got a redesign (apparently not) then I really cannot recommend the Roomba product. I like what it does - when it works - but three dead units in one year is not a good thing.

12/31/2004 : Bought a new Roomba Robot Vacuum, which shortly died (faulty charging circuit).

4/6/2005 : Replacement Roomba died, and a another replacement unit is promised by iRobot.

11/22/2005 : The third replacement Roomba finally crosses the line into useless. The last couple months have been marginal as the battery life got shorter and shorter. Today the brushes stopped spinning, and the unit not longer does anything useful.