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iRobot still dead :(

The iRobot folks sent out a replacement charger and battery. Tried charging overnight ... the new battery only lasted a few minutes before expiring. Tried "reseting" the charging system as recommended on the iRobot website (taking out the battery, disconnecting the charger, wait a few minutes). Another overnight charge ... and nothing. Now the battery is completely dead.

I think the iRobot folks are suffering from too much success. Apparently sales are strong, and quality has slipped. This is the point where an early leader in a new market is most vulnerable. If a competitor steps in with good quality, iRobot could become a historical footnote.

Funny thing is, that while it was working, I thought the improvement was nice but minor. After the Roomba died I realized the dog was shedding again (carpets need vacuuming almost every day).

This is like when you get a new computer. At first the improvement in speed seems minor, but when you go back and use the old computer, you realise the old box is a lot slower.

For the same investment of my time, the end result (when the robot vacuum works) is cleaner carpets. If only the thing worked.

Will have to call the iRobot folks again.