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Insecure voting

Assuming this story is true (and I suspect that it is) then we have further proof that secrets of a commercial sort inside the voting process is a bad idea.


As part of the rituals when opening the polling place (as I will do twice in the next two months), we show the empty ballot box and (reported) voting machine totals to the first voter in the door. All the poll workers are required to verify and witness any totals at the end of the day. Before the use of voting machines I was sure that any ballots cast at my voting place were safely delivered to the central collection (though I have no means of knowing if the collected votes were counted accurately).

With the use of voting machines, I have no way of knowing if the results reported by the machine are accurate. In fact, I suspect the results returned by the voting machines in the polling place are accurate. If you are able it is likely far easier to subvert the vote-counting at the central collection point.

While I do believe that voting machines are a good idea, I also believe that the process used to collect and tabulate votes must be open. That means the software and hardware designs used in any machines that collect must be open to inspection. Anything else invites abuse.