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Bought and setup an HP Photosmart 8450 printer. The printer comes with a ethernet port, so I can use it from any computer on my home network, without requiring another machine to be powered on. The installation instructions require that you install the supplied software on any PC that will use the printer (seven at last count - ick).

Made the mistake of reading the software license agreement -- which says I can only install the software on one machine!

Somehow I do not think this is what HP really wants, so I tried to tell them. The Legal group at HP does not seem to have a email (at least not one I could find one the hp.com website). Finally tried submitting a software bug report. From the first answer I received (below) either "Pamela" did not read my message (nothing complicated), or has trouble understanding English.

Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 13:10:42 -0700 To: Preston <preston @bannister.us> Subject: Re: HP PhotoSmart 8450 photo printer (KMM8817956V42239L0KM) From: HP PhotoSmart Printer E-mail Support <photosmartptr_support_en @mail.support.hp.com>

Dear Preston,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

After reading your e-mail, I infer that you are experiencing an issue while using your Photosmart 8450 printer in network.

I appreciate your efforts in providing precise details about the issue in a descriptive yet simple language. It helped me understand the issue better.

Let me assure you that by working together we will resolve the issue and your product would surely be working fine.

To resolve the issue, please download the networking manual for this printer. Below, I am providing you the Web site to download the manual.


NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is invalid. If this occurs, copy the portion of the address on the remaining line(s) and paste it at the end of the address showing in your browser until the complete address is displayed in the Address box.

If the issue persists or if you need further assistance in performing these steps, please get back to us. We will be happy to help you further.

Have a nice day!!!


Pamela HP Total Care

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Original Message Follows:

webform_submit_time : Thu Jan 06 14:16:15 EST 2005 problem_area : installation/setup problem_description : Software license does not make sense. The printer has an ethernet port, and the instructions say to install the software on every PC that will use the printer. The license seems to say I cannot do this :).


These License Terms govern your Use of the HP Image Zone Software.

  1. License Grant. HP grants you a license to Use one copy of the Software. "Use" includes using, storing, loading, installing, executing, and displaying the Software. You may not modify the Software or disable any licensing or control features of the Software. (snip)

trouble\_shooting : You might want to suggest they update the license. Frankly HP should only care that the software is used with the HP printer for which it was intended.