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Hitting the High Notes

Joel on Software - Hitting the High Notes If you threw a bunch of extra programmers onto the Windows Media Player team, would they ever hit that high note? Never in a thousand years. Because the more people you added to that team, the more likely they would be to have one real grump who thought it was unprofessional and immature to write "Most things actually work" on your website.

Why Microsoft does accomplish so little with so much?

The early MSDN CDs each came with little animated "Dr. GUI" cartoons. Heck, that was the first thing I looked at after installing the new MSDN CD. Of course there were some real grumps who wrote in complaining that the cartoons were unprofessional and immature. After a few releases the Dr. GUI cartoons disappeared.

Is it a coincidence that really interesting and inspiring bits of work from Microsoft and the "Dr. GUI" cartoons disappeared around the same time??