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Take this airplane - please

My dad has a bit of a problem. He is getting ready to sell his house in California, retire, and move out to Colorado (where he bought a house a few years ago). The problem is that is the remains of an old Stinson Voyager are sitting in the backyard, and we are having trouble getting ahold of the nominal owner. My father bought the remains a few decades back with the intent of restoring the airplane to flying condition, but instead spent the time working on missile guidance computers, modem and cell phone chips (and the like). A few years ago he sold the parts to a guy in Texas, who has not as yet(!) come around to pick up what he bought.

What do you do when a guy buys something from you, but never comes around to pick up what he bought?? An airframe and wings is not something you can drop in a box and hand to UPS (at least not for any sane amount of money). What will we do if moving day comes around and the airframe is still there?

Now transporting an airframe from southern California to northeast Texas is not an especially easy proposition, so you have to cut the guy a little slack. But after four years it is not unreasonable to get a bit impatient :).

Add to this the fact the new owner seems to have disappeared. Used to be I would see him on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) pretty much all the time (as "choctawcwr"), have not seen him at all recently, and he does not respond to email. We are getting a bit concerned.

Turns out he has been just active enough that using just his AOL email address we can find his general location, (on an obscure road that only MSN Maps could find), and a phone number.

What the airplane should look like: old picture of Stinson Voyager